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Manufactured By:
Sintz Gas Engine Co.
Springfield, OH, Grand Rapids, MI

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Title: 1893 Article- Sintz Gas Engine Co., Vertical Gas Engine
Source: Cassier's Magazine Jul 1893, pg. 200 & Proceedings of the American Gas Institute, V 10 #2, Apr 1894, Appendix pg. 60
Insert Date: 2/28/2014 12:45:50 PM

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This engine, of the vertical type, with cylinder on top was first brought out, in a small way, in I886, (coming into more general use some three or four years later,) by Mr. Clark Sintz, in Springfield, Ohio. The original form was upon the Otto cycle, and a very good cut and description of the same may be found in the “Chicago Industrial World” for December 31, I891. It has since, however, been entirely remodeled and as now made by the Sintz Engine Co., of Grand Rapids, Mich., is arranged for compression and firing every revolution. Valves and gearing have largely been done away with, one air check valve only being used, driven by eccentric, the movement of the trunk piston governing the admission and exhaust. The ignition is by battery spark. The governor is in the fly-wheel, and controls by varying the quantity of the explosive mixture. The crank chamber is encased" giving a freedom from dust and oil spattering, and a feature of the engine is the unusual high speed claimed, viz.: from 280 to 500 revolutions (in some sizes) per minute, This, with the impulse every revolution undoubtedly tends towards great regularity of speed for electrical purposes. It operates on natural as well as illuminating gases. Also with liquid gasoline sprayed direct. In sizes it varies from 1 to 15 H.P., and a feature of the engine has been its application to small boats and launches, to which its high speed and compactness well adapt it. A consumption of but 15 feet of illuminating gas per H.P., per hour, is claimed by the makers, although no adequate reason appears to the writer for this high efficiency on such a relatively small sized engine. See also “Cassier’s Magazine" for July, 1893.

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