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Manufactured By:
Charter Gas Engine Co.
Sterling, IL

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Title: 1894 Article-Charter Gas Engine Co., Gas & Gasoline Engine
Source: Proceedings of the American Gas Institute, V 10 #2, Apr 1894, Appendix pg. 46
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The Charter engine is of considerable interest as being a typical American-made engine, actively pushed, giving as a rule good satisfaction, and doing much of the gas engine business in the central West, where it is chiefly used. From the designs of Franz Burger and John Charter, and covered by a series of patents, from 1883 to 1892, it was first put on the market in 1885, and is now built in both vertical and horizontal form, there being some 500 to 600 in use. The early engine had a separate compression cylinder beneath the firing cylinder, both pistons being operated by the one crank, and giving an impulse each revolution. The later current form, however, has reverted to the Otto cycle, and is well indicated in the cut. Two to one cog gears drive a valve action of the “Check” type. A centrifugal governor in the belt pulley regulates by omitting a charge when necessary. Ignition is by bunsen tube. The engine is made in ten sizes from 1¼ actual to 50 Ind. H. P., and is largely used with liquid gasoline direct, and natural gas as well as manufactured gas. The makers are the Charter Gas Engine Co., Sterling, Ill.
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1894 Charter Gas & Gasoline Engine Co., Gas Engine
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