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Manufactured/Badged by:
Sears | Craftsman

Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Metal Working Machinery
Machine Type: Grinder, Bench
Machine Size: 7" x 1" x ½"
Submitted By: Brian Kachadurian
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: 115.6965
Date of Manufacturer: 1948
Serial Number: none
Last Updated 3/23/2017 11:12:04 AM

Obtained locally through a private sale, in October 2012.
Previous owner obtained this machine through an auction.
No further history known.

Sears Craftsman Post-WWII heavy duty electric grinder, built by Packard Electric.
1/3hp, ball bearing, capacitor start-induction run, 3450rpm, 115V, 5A, Type: CKO
The arbor ends have ½-24 threads.
The grinder is missing the quench tray, eye shields, light bulbs, RH tool rest, outer flange and nut.
The wiring also needs attention.

2/3/2013 Update: Partially disassembled grinder.
Flushed and repacked original ND (USA) 8502 bearings, using Mobil Polyrex EM grease.

11/21/2013: Purchased aluminum reproduction water quench tray from a fellow OWMMer.

11/20/2015: Fully disassembled for refinishing.
52137?? – tool rest casting
5213713 – LH outer guard casting
5207718 – Inner flange die-casting
5213711 – LH inner guard casting
5213709 – RH outer guard casting
5213707 – RH inner guard casting
5213700 – Base casting
Original acorn nuts are chrome plated brass.

12/04/2015: Wire wheeled all castings and steel tool rest arms, masked holes, then walnut shell blasted.

12/11/2015: Paint
Primer-ACE gray (this is awful paint-I do not recommend its use), brush coat.
Paint-Majic 8-1509 Diamond Hard Acrylic Enamel High Gloss Battleship Gray, 3 brush coats.
Center band chrome was rusted off and beyond saving-painted Rustoleum 2X Metallic Aluminum.
Water tray-Sand/file casting clean up, gray primer, 3 coats 1970s vintage ACE S-23 Vermilion spray can.

05/28/2016: Completed assembly
Added ½” x 18 gauge steel machine bushing between each shaft shoulder & inner wheel flange (die-cast aluminum inner flange was deforming around shaft shoulders).
HPN for lamp cords, wire nut & tape at lamp sockets for future disassembly (21” rough length for each lamp).
Used 8-32 x ?” stainless steel machine screws for outer guard attachment, 9/64” hex socket.
Replaced centrifugal switch hardened wires with new 14 gauge.
New 5/16-18 x 1” carriage bolts with added USS washers on tool rest arms.
Original 5/16-18 x ¾” carriage bolts with added SAE washers on tool rest attachment to arms.
Installed newer 14-3 power cord, ground to eyelet on capacitor attachment bolt.
Used GE 76422 LED 0.5W candelabra base 2800K bulbs.
Added generic rubber feet to 4 corners (originals missing/destroyed).
Tested with undressed 7”x1” wheels – runs well (should be much smoother with dressed wheels.)

UPDATE 3/23/2017:
Obtained a tool rest from a fellow OWWMer.
Original tool rest chrome plated brass acorn nuts were starting to yield.
Replaced tool rest acorn nuts with zinc plated steel and 7/8" long carriage bolts.

Photo 1:

Comments: Front view, as received.
Source: Nikon CoolPix with flash
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Photo 2:

Comments: Rear view, as received.
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Photo 3:

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Photo 4:

Comments: (After) Front view while running
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Photo 5:

Comments: (After) Rear view
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Photo 6:

Comments: (After) Left view
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