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Machine Serial Number Registry
Manufacturerd By:
Kearney & Trecker Co.
Milwaukee, WI

Registry Detail
Machine Information
Serial Number: 21-6824
Machine Type: Mill, Rotary Head
Machine Description: K & T Model 2D Rotary Head Milling Machine
Owner: Dylan Murray
Manufactuer Date: Early 1950's
Notes: The machine is badged as originally being in the Washington D.C. Naval Gun Factory. I purchased the machine from Fort Lewis in Washington State as government surplus. I stripped it down and rebuilt or replaced what was needed. It came with the factory rotary table drive, coolant pump and air pump. At some point a retrofit kit for a powered knee was added. It was missing the motor but i was able to find a motor that came off another 2D along with a knee and y-axis hand wheel. The original tool kit was missing along with the spindle nut. This machine is equipped with the 30 taper spindle. I ended up finding an original K&T tool kit for it that had the 30 taper collets and smaller 20 taper collets. Still missing the nut I machined a tapered lock nut for the collets along with a tabbed nut that will allow quick change 30 tool holders to be held in the spindle. I also ground the the table on my Gallmeyer Livingston No. 55 surface grinder as it was marked up from tools and end mills. Kearney and Trecker serial number book says close in the date column. Comparing to machines around it I believe it is early 1950's.
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