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Manufacturers Index

This index consists of companies that meet the following criteria:

  • North American (USA, Canada and Mexico) or United Kingdom manufacturer of stationary power Woodworking Tools, Metalworking Machinery or Steam and Gas Engines. 
  • Making or made products in categories that would be found in the shop of a serious amateur. Companies that make glue spreaders, material handling equipment, etc., are not included. On the other hand, companies that made shingle-making or barrel-making equipment are listed. Go figure. 

For each company listed in the Index, we have tried to get the following information: name, brands, relationship to other companies, years of operation, and product line. Most of the information is incomplete, but we are adding more information as it becomes available. Please contact the Site Historian if you can provide more information on any of the companies in the Index, or if you know of other companies that should be added to the list. Not all information below is completely reliable. If you have questions about the reliability of something you read here, please ask.

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