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Manufacturers Index - Wadkin Ltd.
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The Vintage Machinery web site serves as a clearing house for many out of print publications related to vintage machinery and their manufacturers submitted to the site by our members and visitors. These publications include old catalogs, manuals, parts list and historical documents for many manufacturers.
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03/06/2020 1963 November Table Saws Tilting Arbor Dimension Saw P.P. 12 Vannisselroy, John
03/06/2020 1949 June Radial Arm Saws Universal Overhead Saw, C.K. 4 Vannisselroy, John
03/06/2020 1953 November General Line Catalogs Woodworking Machinery for Instructional Purposes. 26 Vannisselroy, John
08/02/2018 Unknown Band Saws Wadkin DR manual 22 Snider, Jon
01/08/2018 1928 General Line Catalogs Wadkin & Co. Booklet No. 173: Wadkin Electric-driven Woodworking Machinery 27 Vannisselroy, John
01/06/2018 1922 (approx.) Drill Presses Wadkin & Co. - L.P. Boring and Recessing Machine 9 Vannisselroy, John
05/24/2016 unknown Drill Presses Manual—Model L.Q. overhead boring and recessing machine 17 Joslin, Jeff
12/10/2015 1958 General Line Catalogs Abridged Catalogue of Woodworking Machinery 70 Lagueux, Jacques
06/07/2013 unknown Shapers EQ/EX Verticle Spindle Moulder Operating and Maintenance Manual 46 Kuist, Tim
02/10/2013 1980 Routers UX Router Jig Manual 85 Thomas, Paul
07/25/2012 unknown Routers High Speed Router Type LS 85 Muno, Ray
03/28/2012 1960s? Table Saws 12" AGS Operating Instructions, Maintenance & Parts List Book Ver 2 19 Davis, Dan
03/28/2012 1960s? Table Saws 12" AGS Operating Instructions, Maintenance and Parts List Book 21 Davis, Dan
05/15/2011 1942 Drill Presses Wadkin Bench Drilling Machine 2 Thomas, Paul
05/01/2011 1965 ? General Line Catalogs Wadkin Bursgreen two-sided poster leaflet No.B650 12 Thomas, Paul
02/28/2011 1966 Service Manuals Operating and Maintenance Instructions Universal Cutter Grinder, Type N. H. 49 Warner, Daniel
02/05/2011 1936 General Line Catalogs Wadkin Woodworking Machinery, abridged catalog 40 Thomas, Paul
01/26/2011 unknown Milling Machines Wadkin Pattern Milling Machine W.X., W.Z. 19 Thomas, Paul
01/25/2011 1979 Other Wadkin Tooling - Router Cutters and Accessories 27 Thomas, Paul
01/24/2011 1964 Other Wadkin machine accessories, glue pots, lubricants, clamps, etc. 12 Thomas, Paul
01/23/2011 1942 Routers Operating Instructions for Wadkin Metal Routers 36 Thomas, Paul
01/22/2011 unknown Milling Machines Wadkin Universal Pattern Miller Type W.X. - operating and maintenance instr 52 Thomas, Paul
01/22/2011 1961 General Line Catalogs Wadkin Woodworking Machinery 48 Thomas, Paul
01/21/2011 1957 General Line Catalogs Wadkin Woodworking Machinery 99 Thomas, Paul