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Manufacturers Index - London & Crosby Co.
Last Modified: Nov 14 2018 6:14PM by Jeff_Joslin
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A 1906 postcard for machinery dealer H. W. Petrie & Co.'s Toronto showroom shows large signage featuring machinery manufacturers including Lodge & Shipley, Bickford, and London & Crosby Co.. A thorough search failed to turn up a single mention of a "London & Crosby Co." anywhere on the web. It is possible that no such company existed: the postcard provides a rather fanciful interpretation of the building and its surroundings, and we have never seen a photograph showing anything like the signage shown. So perhaps "London & Crosby Co." was a made-up name, a place-holder for when Petrie landed a major account whose name could then be substituted. In the meantime, this entry for a possibly fictional company puts the name out there on the web. If you have any information at all on London & Crosby Co., please contact us!

1906 postcard, from the Toronto Public Library Digital Archive